Home Maintenance & Rot Repair

Window replaced after too much moisture entered the building. A 2010 Repair is still leak free with proper flashing, caulk and sealant.

We know about the Pacific Northwest, the importance of the sun, and the inevitability of moisture and its many woes. We are very versed in emergency repair and 50% of our business is remodeling due to water damage.  The average humidity in the Northwest is around 75%, and yet the wood in your home is expected to be at 16% humidity or lower to avoid rot, mold, and mildew. Proper weather sealing, venting, and drainage are a must! Don’t let a tight budget allow you to neglect your asset, call us and we might be able to strike a deal.  Be careful of other contractors who came from out of state as they may not understand our maritime climate!


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