Tiny Homes

Be a part of the best discussion going in the building industry today, Tiny Homes.  How can we get them here with both acceptable zoning and creative building strategies?   Our friends at Cascadian Homesteaders Community Land Trust (CHCLT) are helping make us all BElieve this hopefully soon to BE Bellingham reality.


Until the dream is here, let’s make every small part of it a reality by working together to learn the skills needed to empower our society to build homes again in a way that is affordable to everyone, and gives enough space for our next generations to grow.

Consider joining us as a workshop participant, then think about BEcoming an apprentice.  If you’re already working for yourself as a licensed contractor, please sign up to our reBEl network as a subcontractor on a larger project.  Learn a new skill, meet our team, and share ideas and stories for the better tomorrow we all wish to build through our compassion for our homes.

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