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Join our family of experts for a great remodeling experience.

WE REMODEL EVERYTHING & Rebel against the unfixable!

And we like to share this knowledge with homeowners, homebuyers, apprentices, and employees.  Through our commitment to get homeowners the best deal they can afford, we are constantly building a steady and reliable network of subcontractors who can fulfill a huge variety of our client’s needs.


Imagine the feeling of learning how to maintain your home while it is being remodeled!?!  Imagine walking away with more than the outcome and the bill, but with a real understanding of what to do if something cracks, leaks, or simply no longer meets your needs.

In the process of hiring Rebellingham, clients will learn something new about their home and become a part of a network  of homeowners ready to not only own their home, but to maintain it and their investment into it so that most repairs can be done by the homeowner.  How can we do that?  With the belief that if one is willing to learn and problem solve issues throughout their own remodel, homeowners can walk away with enough skills to fix future problems.

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