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treehouseWeeks Custom Carpentry is a full-serviced Bellingham based remodeling company with extensive handyman and building maintenance experience.  The owner, Tom Weeks, is a Carpenter by trade and has 20 years experience in the Pacific Northwest working alongside clients to create remodels that are economically and visually beneficial, to prevent large emergencies, as well as increase an asset's long-term value.  Equipped with the knowledge and skill to resurrect old buildings and custom finish new additions, Tom will make the overall construction experience the way it used to be - trusted by a handshake. 

Whether you have a quick fix or a whole addition to your property, call us for a free estimate.  

With proper planning and management, projects can be dreamt, budgeted, and come to life within weeks.

Based in Bellingham, Wa, we are available in many areas throughout Bellingham, Whatcom County, Skagit Valley, Seattle and Portland areas.
We are also open to invitations to travel for medium to larger sized projects, or eco-village collaborations, throughout the United States and overseas. 
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Attic & Other Unused Space

Custom Projects
for Homes & Businesses

Maintenance &
Property Management

      Rentals       bathroom       restaurant benches       bamboo floors
We are dedicated to serving our customers' homes and businesses in a professional and personal way.
You dream it, we unfold that dream into a comfortable process with beautiful outcomes,
all delivered within your budget and timeframe.

A Portfolio of Sample Projects  Please see a list of sample projects under each of our 4 sections:  Residental Remodels, Attic & Other Unused Space Conversions, Custom Projects for Homes & Businesses, and Maintenance & Property Management.
Remodeling and Home Design
Bellingham General Contractors

Residential Remodels
        Top to Bottom Remodeling: Weeks can be your one-stop shop for most of your remodeling needs.

                  Roof: flashing, patching, tear off and install 
            Siding: cedar-lap, hardi plank, LEAD paint certified, hand brush paint method preferred
        Insulation:  We team with Azimuth Integral Homes for dense-pack insulation in addition to your vapor barriors, ventilation,  & weatherization
   Walls:  Flat finish/ skip trowel / textured drywall, wainscoting, wood paneling, arches, recessed lighting
Windows & DoorsWeeks can square a door on any structure, as well as weather-proof and seal
   Decks, Patios, Sun Rooms: expand your home into its natural surroundings
    Floors:  radiant heated floors, sensible materials selected for hardwoods, bamboo, laminate, vinyl, tile, or cement
        Bathrooms:  Steam showers, senior bathtubs, TubCove seamless surrounds, vanities, vessel sinks, full remodels
           Kitchens:  Countertops (tile, granite, concrete, laminate, etc) with wood in-lay, cabinets, appliances, & all accessories
             Finishing:   built-in shelving/aquariums/bookcases, daybeds, loftbeds, attic accesses, shelves, ledges, sills, posts, trim
                 Foundations:  Settling and rot cause damage that is better to repair when noticed
                     Crawl Spaces:  excavation, rodent removal, insulation and ventilation

flashingcedar sidingfloor & triminsulation 

bamboo step
curved transitiontile bamboo transitionFlooring & Transitions:
Radiant Heat (Hydronic or Electric)
Patience in the Selection
Patience with the Cuts
Seamless Transitions

Hardwoods, Tile, Laminate, Bamboo, Slate, Marmoleum, Vinyl:
you discover it, we install it!

full kitchen fridge to sinkfull kitchen fridge to sinkKitchens Built from scratch:         

Countertops -Silestone, granite, cement, laminate (prefabricated or cut from sheets), tile, wood
Sinks, Faucets, garbage disposals, hot water dispensers
Tile Surround & Backsplashes
Appliance installation
Exhaust/Range Hoods

full kitchen fridge to sinkfull kitchen fridge to sinkfull kitchen fridge to sink   Custom Oak Cabinets assembled on site
   Granite Countertops
   Stainless Steel Appliances

full kitchen fridge to sinkfull kitchen fridge to sinkfull kitchen fridge to sinkBathrooms Small & Large:         

From tight squeezes to expansive tile work, get a clean look that suits your needs. 
- Steam showers
- Tile Redi pans for floor tile
- Senior bathtubs
- TubCove seamless surrounds

full kitchen fridge to sinkfull kitchen fridge to sinkStairs & Decks:         

Replace rotten boards
install better flashing
sand & stain
build from scratch

Attic & Other Unused Space Conversions
There are a myriad of ways to bring extra light, convenience, and capacity to your place.

attic stairs leading toattic finishedsliding glass door and upper window
Attic Conversions:

Capture unused space by knocking out a wall or ceiling
Build a loft or extra storage room
Add light with skylights, windows, dormers, clere stories, and more!

loft bed edge
loft bed & windowLoft Beds:

Save Space
Spark Imagination
Feel like a Child!

garage doorman doorGarage Remodels:

We've taken musty, unused garages and helped owners gain an extra studio, guestroom, or shop. 

garage doorgarage doorgarage doorShed Remodels:

Turn your shed into a studio, mancave, or other sacred space!

Custom Projects
You dream it and we bring it to life. 

treehouse growth
treehouse underneathtreehouse toptreehouse branchtreehouse sideview

Construction as an Artform: This treehouse was built in September 2001.  The pictures above were taken 9 years later in September 2010.  The pictures tell the story of the tree as it grew to compensate for the structure.  Since the treehouse was built with very careful consideration for its natural patterns, it remains intact and fully functional, along with its host, a beautiful beech tree by Elizabeth Park in Bellingham.

               senior bathtub       sauna       benches      

Senior bathtubs, saunas, hot tubs, restaurant bench seating, cat palaces and much more.  With every plan, we'll review your best product choices.

vanagan couchvanagan kitchen"ROMA" Homes:
Here is a friend who remodeled his Westfalia for an international trip.

Mobile kitchen units
couch/bed conversions
utilitarian shelf designs
and more fun stuff all make for happy campers ;)

Maintenance & Property Management
50% of our business is maintaining multiple property investments for individuals.  We are happy to serve event spaces, bar and restaurants, small and medium condominium units, single home rentals, college rentals, and office spaces for landlords seeking a maintenance person.   Absentee landlords trust our knowledge of buildings, particulaly older homes or historical structures, and happily rely on our services to care for the tenants needs or  improvements.  

ADUmulti familyAdditional Dwelling Units: After a garage conversion, you now have an extra rental unit!  Count on us when you leave town on vacation or relocate.

Multi-family split dwellings: Earn rental income, turn it into a mother-in-law suite, provide more space for guests on a different floor or on the same floor. An inspection may show that additional plumbing and electrical outlets are easy, just add a wall and appliances and start renting.

Emergency Work & Rot Repair
  (before and after shots)
We know about the Pacific Northwest, the importance of the sun, and the inevitability of moisture and its many woes. We are very versed in emergency repair.  There is a 90% humidity average in the Northwest, and buildings are expected to be at 30% humidity or lower to resist the temptation of rot, mold, and other misfortunes.  Don't let a tight budget allow you to neglect your asset, call us and we might be able to strike a deal.

deck rot
deck refurbisheddentel rotdentels repaired

dishwasher backsplash rot
dishwasher backsplash rotdishwasher backsplash rotdishwasher backsplash rot

improper window installation rot
proper window installationwindow rotwindow repaired

dishwasher backsplash rot
dishwasher backsplash finishrestaurant floor rotrestaurant floor finishing


We enjoy receiving calls because we love what we do! We like to share ideas and devise a strategy that gets you what you need in the time frame and within the budget you desire. You call the shots – whether you want to work alongside us on a time and materials basis or you can choose to hand over the full project to us and we'll assist with product selection, design, timeline, sub-contractors, and a contracted bid for the work. Either way, we are happy to assist you, and together we will build a contract that meets your specific needs. With that in mind, here is an idea of the steps to take in a remodeling project:

Step 1: Call or email us and we will hear about your project and discuss your options.  At this point we may be able to provide you with a free estimate.

Step 2: Select your product and have an on site evaluation.

Step 4: Sign an agreement for one of the following methods:
    1. Time and Materials, or labor plus costs, is a process where the contractor estimates the amount of time it will take but the owner decides to pay according to the actual time it takes to complete the job. In addition, as materials are purchased, receipts will be provided. Under this method, the owner has full control to start or stop the project at any time. Weekly invoices are provided and ongoing discussions with the contractor help you, the owner, to know where the project is and where it can go. This option is ideal for remodeling situations that are hard to uncover until there has been a partial demolition.

    2. A Bid is when the contractor converts the estimate into a bid and both parties agree to a list of items and materials to be included in the job. Under this type of agreement, the owner knows exactly how much they are paying at the beginning of the project, with a percentage due upfront.

    3. Renovation Loans - The Weeks Team will work with your bank's construction loan package. 
Step 5: Apply for any permits if necessary.  As a homeowner, you have the right to apply for permits, and if you choose to do this process, you will save money!  Other money saving tactics include purchasing your own materials and assisting with job site clean up.

Step 6: Payment of expected materials or 50% of bid amount.

Step 7: Work (on your schedule), work (at your pace), work!!!  We believe that the quicker the job is done, the better you'll feel when it is complete.  Before a project commences, we will give you a total time estimate and ask you to identify a daily schedule that will work best.

Step 8: Weekly invoices and/or progress updates are provided and used as a basis of agreement and discussion.  Any questions you may have during the job are best clarified on-site or during these weekly invoices/updates.

Step 9: A "Punch List", otherwise known as a walk through, will help to identify any items to be finalized before the final payment.

Our Process is an ongoing effort to meet our clients needs.  The above step by step is a foundation that can be built on by you, or by us, as we share knowledge about your project.

Our Philosophy

Weeks Custom Carpentry is a conscientious remodeling company. We choose to remodel old homes verses building new whenever possible, and to remediate unhealthy environments from moisture damage.  We spend our free time researching, getting to know the latest products available, and learning new ways for our clients to optimize their environment.  We can help you dispell the myths of "green" products and continue being the conscientious homeowner you wish to be. 

Testimonials: Our entire customer base was founded upon friendships.

“Tom is my favorite guy. He really enjoys his work and understands emergency repair.”  ~  Kathy, Bellingham

"I used Weeks Custom Carpentry when it was just Tom and have experienced nothing but a trustworthy work ethic, consistent follow through and clear communication allowing me to have fewer headaches as an absentee landlord."  ~  Susan, Portland

"Tom is a crawl space hero!”  ~  Rachel, Bellingham

“Weeks delivered my project on time and on budget, it was indeed a pleasure to work with him.”  ~  Albert, Seattle

"It was extremely refreshing to communicate with Tom and Tracy while other contractors delayed the project without even a courtesy call."  ~  Colleen, Bellingham

"Tom can do anything...and he's so fast!" ~ Our most recent client, Bellingham

Contact Information

logo            Office:    360-318-4018              Cell:    360-319-4597       

            Email:    Tom@ReBellingham.com, Tracy@ReBellingham.com

            License:    General Contractor # WeeksCC926PB

Whatever you can imagine, we can work together to achieve.  We consider ourselves to be lucky to have the skills needed to resurrect, remodel, retrofit, renovate, and recreate a vast variety of spaces.

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